Frequently Asked Questions

Describe your DJ style:
We are classy professionals who mix up great music. We are NOT frustrated entertainers, singers or comedians. Your wedding day is about you and your betrothed and we never forget that. The focus is always on the couple and never on the DJ.

How many other DJs do you work with?
3 Way Street Sound is a small boutique that give its clients highly individualized attention. We have only a few DJs with experience ranging from 7 to 15 years.

Do you have replacement DJs in case you become unavailable on the wedding day?
Yes, of course! 

Are the bride and groom able to meet the DJ before booking?
While it’s certainly not required, we prefer to meet with our clients in person if it is possible.

What is your usual attire?
We are happy to oblige to the wishes of our clients, but our usual attire is a tux.

What is your minimum amount of time you will DJ for?
Our minimum invoice is for 4 hours, however, we will DJ for whatever timeframe our client desires.

Who selects the music?
Some clients LOVE selecting the music… all of it, in some cases. Cool! Others pick a few songs or artists and leave the rest to our judgement. No problem, we simply go from what has been provided. We can also read the crowd & work with guest requests if approved by the client.

Do you provide music lists?
Yes, of course!

If you do not have one of the songs pre-requested by the couple, do you require that they provide it?
We do not require any such efforts from our clients. In this day and age, we can always find your song.

Do you usually emcee the reception and/or talk between songs?
We usually emcee the reception and other than formal announcements, talking is kept to a minimum. That said, there are groups that love some ‘call and response’. We use our judgement and work very closely with our clients to meet their requests.

Do you bring your own equipment?
In most cases, yes, however, some wonderful facilities, like the Kings Mill in Aston, provide top notch house equipment that we are required to use.

Do you provide dance floor lighting?
Yes, we can provide professional grade lighting with 3 package available, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Do you take any breaks? If so, will you arrange for recorded music to play during your break(s)?
No, there will always be music at any 3 Way Street Sound event!

Do you require a meal break? 
No, we are here to DJ!

How much time do you usually need to set up? Do you require that the site and/or couple provide a table for you to setup on?
Although we arrive 90 to 120 minutes before the event, we generally need 20 to 30 minuets to set up. A table is usually provided by the facility, however, we always bring a table, just in case.

What is your overtime rate?
Most often, we don’t charge overtime! We’re much more interested in folks haveing a great time. That is worth a lot more than nickel & diming our clients on this special day.

Do you charge for travel expenses?
Generaly speaking, no. At this time, we will travel up to 1.5 hours each way with no additional fee. We currently serve in the PA, NJ and DE area.